38: Four Pass Loop | DNS

Four Pass Loop-1

I believe it was the first time that I met Courtney that she mentioned the Four Pass Loop. An Iconic Run, she said. Some of the most beautiful trails in the state, she said. We should do it this summer, she said. Having just met and having no idea if we would be friends by then; Of Course, I said.

Spring turned to summer and summer led to falls and what once was, wasn’t, and then was again. Two weeks off had been good for my soul and my legs. Making final plans for the weekend I was excited for a running adventure. I didn’t know much about what was ahead of me except that the run was about 28 miles, consisted of going over four 12,000′ passes, and had about 8,000′ of climbing. Based on Strava routes of similar runners we assumed it would take us between 8-10 hours. I also knew that I was going to need a lot of Tailwind.

On the road to Aspen in a heavy rain storm. I’ve never been rained out of an outdoor excursion, I sad. Yeah, but you’re from a place where it doesn’t rain, she said. Touche.

Saturday morning. 4 am. Alarm. Nope. Aspen. Beer. Pastries. Beer. Rest. Relax. Wax.

It was nice giving in to the power of sleep. I knew that I needed it and that there was a good chance I would be a pill on the trail without it. Luckily my other plans for the weekend fell through and we were able to snag the last campsite for another night which allowed us to postpone the run for a day.

Sunday morning. 4 am. Alarm. Go time.


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