Gociety Pathfinders

I first learned about Gociety earlier this July when I randomly stumbled upon an event at Cannonball Creek Brewery. My friend I was meeting was running late, so I forced myself to mingle and find out what brought 200+ young, athletic looking people to my favorite hangout. I was mostly a voyeur, but sought out a few guys wearing running shoes and had some good trail conversation prior the arrival of my friend.

It seemed like a cool concept. A social media site built around doing stuff. No B.S. profiles and walls. Just, “Hey, I want to go do this, does anyone else?”

I looked at it as kind of a friend dating site. There were so many time back in the day, when after failing to find a match on OKCupid that I would search for straight guys with the keywords “running” or “hiking” or “craft beer” and then stare at their profiles unwilling to send a message due to the extremely high creep factor involved.

Gociety, as it seemed to me, completely removed the creepiness. It allows you to make friends with people solely based on what activities you like to do. Especially as someone relatively new to town, it was a great outlet to meet people. Need a climbing partner, Gociety is safer than Cragislist. Want someone to join you for a run? Put it on the board.

I also like the fact that Gociety is activity nuetral. It’s not a running group, it’s not a climbing group, it’s not a snowboarding group. It’s a community built around people who like to go. Just as with the rest of the internet it’s a bit intimidating because it’s full of strangers with great photos and cool words in their profile, but I’ve found it a better avenue than basing friendship off of the amount of mud on someone’s shoes at the bar. *Although this too is surprisingly effective in Colorado.

I finally joined a Gociety event a couple months ago and the people I met were the greatest exercise friends that I had come to as part of a group run. I had fun conversations at a good speed with good beers at the end. Given, I tweaked my ankle on the run, but I was not deterred.


I treaded lightly after that, but posted a few events and got a couple people out to join me on various adventures. I joined in on others events, and tried to be engaging while not giving off desperate creeper vibes.

2015-10-24 10.30.55

With this interaction, I have been granted the title of Gociety Pathfinder for 2016. This basically means I get to plan events (was going to happen anyway), meet more trail runners, climbers, outdoor enthusiasts, and hopefully eat more doughnuts!

I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to integrate myself into the Colorado outdoor community and hopefully find some people to push me to explore new skills and venture to new places.

If you’re interested in joining up with a Gociety event, click here to sign up, create a profile, and look for an event that nearby. If you check and there isn’t anyone near you, be the first, because then when the next person comes looking they will at least find you waiting for adventure.

Buckle Up! 2016 is coming!


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